ENTRY #417

The School of Losing Time (TSLT) by Angela Osorio, Chiara Basile


“Nothing, Lucilius, is ours, except time.” Seneca

The School of Losing Time (TSLT) is a project that enables commoning through the use of TIME; the resource we all humans own. The aim of TSLT is that of re-centering game as a strategy for using TIME within dynamics outside the market logics, and thus, as a way to start deconstructing our mindset of always having to be productive when using our TIME. As described by Huizinga in his book Homo Ludens: “we might call [play] a free activity standing quite consciously outside “ordinary” life […] connected with no material interest, and no profit can be gained by it […] It promotes the formation of social groupings […]”[1]. In this way, TSLT is a project that aims to collaboratively construct ourselves as homines ludentes, and our quotidian life as one extraordinary (thinking of ordinary as a social environment commodified all the way down[2]). For doing so, TSLT uses an interactive webpage (www.theschoolof.wix.com/losingtime) that enables participants to share invitations for losing time online or/and in person, allowing those who decide to play to map the place of the city where they did such activity and also to post the result of the game as images, videos, texts, or audio recordings. In this way, TSLT turns us all into accomplices in the process of imagining, creating, and living different ways to lose TIME, starting to construct in this way “The Beginning of History” (De Angelis: 2007), and thus activating a society of commoners for future projects.

Join The School of Losing Time at: www.theschoolof.wix.com/losingtime

[1]HUIZINGA, Johan, Homo ludens; a study of the play-element in culture. 1949
[2] FRASER, Nancy, Can society be commodities all the way down? Polanyian reflections on capitalist crisis. 2012


We are a two “Mulier Ludens” team, Angela María born and raised in Bogotá, and Chiara, Italian of Turin. We are educated as architects and current candidates for PhD in Urban Studies and Urban and Regional development (respectively).

We both believe in Commons as the beginning of thinking of life outside the commodities web in which apparently we are trapped today as a society. We both believe in PLAYing as an important strategy for de-naturalizing structures (such as naturalized capitalist dynamics) that blind us from thinking other economies. Online and offline open sources tools and creative commons resources are our basic interactive tool-kit; writers such as Seneca, Cortazar and Calvino and scholars as Constant, De Angelis, Huizinga, Fraser, Polanyi, have largely influenced our way of thinking.

Due to brainstorming together, we can call this project a collectively produced idea. Using long distance communication and feedback system, the basic texts concerning the guidelines of the contest were written by Angela as an initial pillar on which to base our collective discussions on the themes. The texts were largely revised and rielaborate together, using such tools as google doc and skype for doing so. Then, through the design of the A0 and the webpage, Chiara set the outline and structure of the web design further implemented by Angela later. All the time skype functioned as a way for having a constant feedback between both participants.

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