ENTRY #489

The Mycelium Project by Tai Kian Min


How can a city be a collective manifestation of social, political and economic cohesion? Tottenham Hale is consists diverse populations of local and foreign groups with large distinct geographical locations of the High Road and Lea River. Haringey Council has devoted Strategic Policies to implement more jobs, changing the policies of local industries and providing more housing to the people of Tottenham. Industrial lands are being regenerated to make way for more housing. The implications pressed on the issues of local rights for better jobs and green infrastructure.

The Mycelium Project serves as a catalyst to revise new economy by allowing the act of communing to be taken place among industrial actors, local communities and the public. The main agenda is to create an open source cleaner production with the idea of industrial ecology and at the same time providing access to the public with the common rights of assets, resources and space. Mycelium offers an exploratory material that highlights the main agenda, allowing resources to be produced with low carbon footprint as compared conventional materials of plastics, wood and Styrofoam; waste materials can be recycled or grown from food resources, creating the cradle to cradle effect. The production facility operates in the form technical and biological metabolism, merging the logic of different functions of space and processes, formulating a hybrid space that is socially inclusive. The notion of it enact a sustainable development in the broad sense of social, economic and environmental. The design can be sustained through collaborations between actors who are keen in manufacturing, researching and investment for a sustainable economy. The Mycelium facility in return offers products, services, expertise and solutions.


This proposal is solely belong to Tai Kian Min as a student from the Master of Architecture in Plymouth University. My current field of interest explores into the understanding of industrial processes and bio-mimicry in design. Mycelium has inspired me to take this research further, challenging the logic behind conventional spatial planning of the current industries to rethink how products and processes should be design and enact.

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