ENTRY #300

Recycle and Urban Common by Wenyi Chen, Xingjian Fan, Yen-Ting Chen


An urban common might not just be about a space for gathering or a single piece of popular site. It is the given importance and attention that make a place unique. To construct a fresh urban common in the existing city fabric is to construct a lifestyle or insert a beginning point of memory. The common can transit from physical and tangible to psychological and subtle, thus exerting further influence to everyday life and value.

Common effort made in the development is considered critical in forming a sense of ownership from each individual of a community. This will be even more influential if this collective input can contribute to individual sense of honor. Meanwhile, fun and pleasure would mark a place even deeper in mind.

Riverside along the Regent Cannel in London is witnessed to bear good potential to develop an urban common, especially nearby City Road Basin, where tension happens between a variety of visitors and the view. Currently, it is popular among all groups, however, threatened by the massive flow people. The major issue might be around the unequal share of space for each individual and the waste they bring along.

Recycle and Urban Common is a project which tries to gather people to make a difference for the local environment while guiding the flow of diffident kind to enhance the balance within the area. It collects unwanted plastic bottles and caps to make them into an architectural intervention. At the end of the day, they can be more easily removed and recycled. This project is aiming to reimagine the relation among general public, local environment and place of interest as a whole, constructing a better cannel community with shared view, fun and responsibility.


Wenyi Chen: vision, construction details, layout a0,

Xingjian Fan: master plan, detail plan, activity diagrams

Yen-Ting Chen: diagrams, annotation, initial concept

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