ENTRY #405

re-public spaces by Jorge Gerini



There are two main ideas for the proposal. A website and a multipurpose pavilion.

The website, already online done for the purpose of this competition, re-publicspaces.com is a community platform with the purpose of linking citizens, architects, designers, artists, private owners, crowdsourcing and government together in order to maximise the potential of urban spaces.

The multipurpose pavilion is proposed in an abandoned square as a part of a council state. I have lived in front of it and the space has never been used in the last 2 years for any activity at all, there is never people around it at any time of the day. After a survey done to the residents, people asked for allotments, a shelter, a playground, somewhere to relax, an open cinema, somewhere to exercise… Therefore the idea of having a multipurpose pavilion where all these needs could be integrated under one space.


The website will need a one or two people to start running the virtual hub.

The pavilion on the other hand will need leadership to bring all the elements together, residents, recycled materials, carpenters and steel workers. As an architect making the proposal I could offer myself as the starting point to bring it together.


re-publicspaces.com has huge social, cultural and material potential value as it will bring commons into an online republic of urban commons. Because the commons are building the proposal and have a vote on what is happening it will ensure their urban common space will be kept under the republic of commons.

The pavilion will create social value by bringing the community together by sharing the space for urban agriculture, as well as under cultural activities like the open cinema, exercising, eating, etc.. Building relationships among the residents.


Jorge Gerini is an architect from Mexico, after finishing his master in Sustainable Urbanism at the Bartlett he worked for two years for Bill Dunster at Zedfactory, currently he works as an urban designer for AECOM in London. The concept ideas and design are all from his own as the only participant in this submission.

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