ENTRY #448

Notice Us! by Helen Brewer, Gary Nash


Notice boards are commonplace in institutions and community facilities but they are not something to be happened upon everyday. Their utility and value is manifold as a tangible focal point for the exchange of ideas, sharing of information and rallying together towards common goals or pursuits. Could a new paradigm of street furniture in the urban realm introduce new ways of commoning?

Our design entails a parasitic notice board of laminated plastic which can attach to any vertical element in the urban environment, such as a light post or street sign. A space is defined around this board, encouraging interaction and creating a spatial identity. In order to attach a notice, one uses the incorporated hole puncher and places the notice on the modular peg system. This design allows any size of notice to be accommodated, without any additional material such as tape or pins. A waste bin is in-built to encourage and facilitate the turnover of notices.

As the design does not require any additional material or agency to operate, we hope that it would be self-regulating and autonomous to the extent that any upkeep would be minimal. We would hope that a network of these boards would be placed around the commons with a strong visual identity, creating an ubiquitous landmark familiar to everyone. They serve to both localise the commons and connect them through a network of sharing and user-ship. This content could be anything from a call to protest, an invitation to a juggling class or advertisement for a swap shop. We hope that this design will change the nature of the urban realm from a space to be moved through, to a space to stay in; breaking down barriers between strangers through the visibility of voices looking for a connection to others.


Helen Brewer is a current MA Interior & Spatial Design student at Chelsea College of the Arts. With a previous degree in Environmental Design, her work is concerned with re-use, D.I.Y and emergency.

Gary Nash is an architectural designer currently studying for an MA in Interior & Spatial Design at Chelsea College of the Arts. His interests in design focuses on strong narratives and simplicity.

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