ENTRY #289

Breakfast Club London by Laura Gottlieb, Natasha Trotman, Ailsa Sinclair


This project that enables social cohesion within a community. Our starting point is Shepherd’s Bush because of our local observations and knowledge having lived there. Shepherd’s Bush is an area that is cosmopolitan, with a wide socio-economic mix. The community is engaged but struggling to cope with recent redevelopment and changes to the area. This is true of many areas in London. How do residents fill the gap and celebrate the community’s legacy whilst ushering in the changes that are set to shape their futures?

Breakfast Club London is a new custom bringing together people within a neighbourhood to share a communal breakfast. This project breaks into different sub-groups depending on neighbourhoods (i.e. Breakfast Club Shepherd’s Bush). Partakers bring and share food and drink, creating a more natural environment for conversation.

Urban commoning takes place through the sharing of space and food. Providing a platform for old and new residents to meet and discuss different issues or histories of the spaces and neighbourhoods.

Breakfast Club London would be advertised through posters and print material i.e. local newspaper. There would also be a strong online presence through custom website, Facebook and Twitter. The start up cost that would be minimal to cover print materials and advertising space. The social media would be driven by the community as they contribute content and propose meet ups.


Laura Gottlieb is a designer, researcher and facilitator with an interest in community engagement projects. She has a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and is currently finishing her Masters degree in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art, London. Her current practice revolves the designing and facilitation of tea rituals to engage participants in philosophical discourse.

Natasha Trotman is studying Information Experience Design and has a background in Graphic design, co-creation and exhibition design. Currently her practice involves remixing data sets and activism surrounding neuro-diversity.

Ailsa Sinclair is currently in her first year of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art. Having studied Graphic Design and Sustainability with a background in joinery she has a diverse, multidisciplinary approach to her practice. Heavily process and research lead she is interested in pushing personal boundaries, directing situations and value systems.

As a team we brainstormed, visited places, introduced each other to our local neighbourhoods. Speaking to local residents informed our approach that could suit a diverse range of people. Breakfast Club London – coming soon, to a common near you.

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